Gifts under £25

Includes one of a kind ceramics handmade in Morocco's cultural capital, Fez. The colour and texture of the clay in the region have directly impacted the design. As the clay dries, its natural grey tones lighten in colour making it the perfect blank canvas for the white glaze and cobalt decoration. Can be used for serving your favourite nibbles or simply use it as decoration around the home.

Gifts under £50

Think hand-crafted chess sets from Marrakech, for the occasional competitive game or quirky deco for the coffee table. Also includes kitchen bowls from Fez and Tamegroute, with their imperfect texture that bears witness to their authenticity.

Gifts under £100

One of a kind fruit bowls, vases and plates, handmade by family-run atelier in the remote village of Tamegroute on the cusp of the Saharan desert. The green and golden hues of this pottery is unique to the region and brings enviable charm to any table.