How to choose the perfect rug size for your space | Area rug size guide

How to choose the perfect rug size for your space | Area rug size guide

Are you looking for a rug for your space but are unsure about dimensions and sizing? Look no further. In this post, we share our step by step guide to rug sizing for living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces. Grab your measuring tape and let's figure this out together!

Before we delve into the specifics for each space, the follow steps are a great starting point for any room:

  1. Arrange your room furniture as you would like it placed on the rug eventually
  2. Based on your room size and budget, decide on a placement option (more on this below)
  3. Mark the edges of the rug on the floor with painter's tape so you can visualise the area that the rug will be covering
  4. Measure the width and length of the rug

Rugs for your living room

Rug sizing guide for living room

Rug sizing option 1 - Extra large

This option is for you if you have a spacious living area or an open plan space with a comfortable budget. A large rug can anchor your furniture and create defined zones. Make it a knotted/ shaggy piece like Fragments and you are on your way to creating your own cozy haven. In this set up, all seating furniture are placed fully on the rug, with a buffer of about 50cm around the furniture. Typical rug sizes for this option start from 350/250cm

Rug sizing option 2 - Medium

If your space is smaller, the rug should be proportionally smaller to not overload the room. In this placement option, only the front two legs of the furniture is placed under the rug, still allowing it to pull the space together. This is the most popular option and the best value for money, perfect if you have beautiful flooring that you want to leave exposed. Our In-stock collection may have what you're looking for! Typical rug sizes for this option start from 250/150cm

Rug sizing option 3 - Small

For smaller rooms or L-shape sofas in tight corners, we advice to place the rug directly in front of the sofa. Only a few pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table are directly on the rug. This is the most cost effective option and can work beautifully if you are after an accent rug to add texture, colour and character to a room without covering the entire floor. Explore our smaller rugsTypical rug sizes for this option start from 150/100cm


Rugs for your dining room

Choosing a rug size for a dining room can be very simple as the focus is mainly functionality, especially if the space is used often. Ideally, pick a size that is large enough to fit all chair legs, even when the chairs are pulled out. A good rule of thumb is to allow for at least 50cm/ 20" between the edge of the table and that of the rug. So after measuring your table size, simply add 50cm to all sizes, and you will have your ideal rug size
Rug sizing for dining table

Standard rug sizing options based on your dining table size

To make this task even easier, we calculated some common rug sizes based on standard table sizes. Once you have your ideal size, another common question is which pile construction is best for this space, flat-weave or knotted. Our rule of thumb is flat-weaves for high traffic/often-used spaces, the low pile minimises friction with the chairs and is lower maintenance over time. Knotted if your dining table doubles as an office or where comfort is paramount

Explore our flat-weave and knotted collections

Standard rug sizing options for dining rooms


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