Moussem (noun) /mu.sɛm/

Moroccan pilgrimage that takes place in each province Morocco at varying times annually. It's a loud and colourful gathering of nomadic people to celebrate identify, strengthen community ties and ensure the survival of the Amazigh culture

Our Story

Since inception in 2020, we remained close to our purpose: preserving our collective Amazigh heritage by empowering a team of talented weavers across Morocco. In our increasingly fast-paced world, we believe there is still space for honouring heritage, slow patient craftsmanship and objects with a story

Our textiles have a soul, born from natural materials, meticulously arranged one knot at a time. To her canvas, each weaver transfers dreams and personal stories, woven secrets passed down from her mother's generation and the one before. In their imperfections, our rugs exude a nuance of colour, patterns, smells and textures that tell a thousand and one stories

"Moussem was born to preserve the Amazigh weaving craft by empowering female artisans in Morocco. A personal journey back home filled with collective stories, celebrating heritage and proudly sharing it with the world"

Sarah Allaoui - Founder

Our People

Our all female team of weavers are the soul of the business. They are the makers, teachers, design consultants and the inspiration behind every decision we make

Each weaver determines her own price to reflect her unique skill, labour and creativity. Our goal is financial empowerment and re-establishing the craft as a viable and honourable source of livelihood, and an exciting prospect for the next generation

In addition to practicing their craft, most our weavers have to tend to their households and support their extended families. Our flexible working culture enables them to work from home but also feel supported from the wider team with regular visits to drop off materials needed, check on progress, or simply catch up over delicious mint tea

Dedication to Ancestral Craft

Our collections are handmade by highly skilled artisans on traditional vertical looms, keeping an ancient analogue art alive. Each new rug follows a ritual that begins from ethically sourcing natural raw fibres, washing, carding, spinning and dying wool. Each thread is then meticulously woven or knotted along the warp that forms the structure of the rug, resulting in a product of quality, longevity and meaning

The craft of rug making is a slow process to match a more natural pace of life. Our hope is to inspire you to embrace meaning in the objects around you, create products that are kinder to the environment, and having a tangible positive impact on local communities

A passion for collaboration

Our London showroom is open by appointment to trade customers

A space where you can view our collection in person and closely collaborate to transform your inspiration into reality. Small scale samples are available to order via the trade programme