We are Moussem.

My name is Sarah and i'm the founder of Moussem, born and raised in Morocco. I'm currently living in London, after moving to the UK for University twelve years ago. I spent most of my adult life rediscovering my Amazigh culture and heritage. As a child, my dad would tell me stories of fierce female Amazighs who were rulers, holy women and queens in the 7th century, putting up strong resistance against the conquerors of their time. These women were also important contributors to the Amazigh economy, weaving intricate rugs which enabled their financial independence and emancipation. My strong will and passion for women empowerment can only be credited to my Berber blood and ancestors (specifically my gran and great gran, pictured left).

Empowering female weavers across Morocco.

The Amazigh communities of women artisans are left behind by mass-market distributers and remain the weak link in complex supply chains. Our mission is to develop ethical long-term partnerships with these women and bring their products directly to you. Our artisans determine their own price to reflect their unique craft, hard work and creativity and our goal is to empower them financially by cutting out the middleman. We're incredibly humbled by the trust that these women have placed in us and we vow to respect and perpetuate their fiercely-guarded legacy.

Dedicated to the craft.

Our artisan partners work with their hands, weaving rugs with unique personalities. In their imperfections, they exude patterns, smells and textures that tell A Thousand and One stories. Our treasures are not only made to last, but age beautifully.

Passion for life.

As Kelly Wearstler famously said "A life without colour is a life without love". Our rugs will infuse your home, big or small, with the authentic and diverse beauty of ancestral craftsmanship. Each rug was thoughtfully hand selected and tells a unique story, we believe owning a Moroccan rug is essentially the equivalent of owning a piece of history.

We are so lucky to have customers that not only love our rugs, but also feel proud in helping support our incredible artisans.

Celebrating identity.

Moussem (noun) /mu.sɛm/ Moroccan pilgrimage that takes place in each province of the Morocco at varying times throughout the year. This annual gathering of nomadic peoples is among the most colourful, most spectacular events anywhere in North Africa (not tied to tourism). Annual Moussems are a loud celebration to ensure the survival of the Berber traditional craft.