Frequently asked questions

How are your rugs made?

Our rugs are handmade on traditional vertical looms by an all female team of artisans in Morocco. Our weavers are highly skilled and use different weaving techniques to create both flat-weave and knotted constructions. By working directly and empowering the makers, we are helping preserve an analogue art that is over 3000 years old

what is the difference between a handmade and machine made rugs?

Handmade rugs are made completely by hand, knot by knot, a process that can take several weeks if not months. The craft of rug making is a slow process to match a more natural pace of life, resulting in products that carry meaning, are kind to the environment and last for decades. Machine made counterparts can appear perfect, lacking character and story

what is the difference between flat-weaves and knotted rugs

Flat-woven rugs are made by weaving horizontal yarns (weft) through vertical yarns (warp). They have a sturdy rustic profile that can withstand high traffic areas and are easier to maintain.

Hand-knotted rugs are made by tying individual knots to the warp yarns along the width of the rug, and repeating the process along the length of the rug. It is a labour intensive process that results in a higher pile rug with a comfortable plush feel under foot.

Can I order a bespoke rug?

Yes. Our bespoke service can be semi-bespoke, where you can customise colours and sizes of our in-house bespoke collection. Or we can expand to the full-bespoke offering to co-create an exclusive design for your project.

How do i care for my rug?

For small spills, place a damp cloth over the spill and apply reasonable pressure to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Repeat this process as many times as needed with lukewarm water and mild detergent for more stubborn stains.

If your rug needs a full clean, you can contact us for advice on how to locate a professional rug cleaning professional in your area.

How come some rugs only have tassels on one end?

Tassels on one end of the rug is a centuries old Amazigh ritual. Burning, cutting or not weaving tassels on one end of the rug introduces an element of imperfection to the rug and is believed to repel evil.

What is your shipping policy?

All new orders are processed within 24 hours. You should receive an email confirmation as soon as your order is placed.

Our In-stock inventory is dispatched within 48 hours and delivered within 5 working days from dispatch.

Our bespoke orders are patiently handmade, washed and dried in the Moroccan sun. Current lead times are 12-15 weeks, we will keep you up to date throughout the production.

what is your return/ refund policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and the item is unused, you may return it to us within 14 days of receipt for a refund, exchange or store credits. The buyer will be responsible for return postage.

International returns will be available for exchange and credit only rather than a refund.

Bespoke orders are final and non-refundable. Please ensure you are happy with your sizing, design and tassel preference before submitting your order. If you need to cancel your order, you have until 5pm the next day to cancel and get your money refunded.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We offer complimentary shipping to the US and Europe. For other international destinations, shipping costs will populate at checkout. For orders outside the UK, import taxes may apply and are excluded from the final purchase price.

Do sold items get restocked?

Our vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind and are difficult to reproduce. We do however reproduce sold out contemporary rugs by request. Please get in touch at info@moussem.co.uk