Moussem’s mission is to preserve the collective Amazigh heritage by empowering women artisans, we will never compromise on diversity, inclusion and sustainability. 

Amazigh women support

Amazigh women are traditionally the backbone of the family, and often the main breadwinner. By keeping them weaving, you are helping us support not just them but their entire local community. 

Natural materials

Many of our coloured yarns are dyed naturally with spices and vegetables, often found in the local area where the rug is made, lending our rugs a “local colour”. As an example, rugs weaved in the Sahara Desert tend to have muted tones due to a lack of vegetation in the region.

Small and patient production

We work on a very small production basis, our weavers hand make all of our textiles the slow traditional way on looms. We also re-use 100% of the materials to create more rugs, pouffes, throws and cushions and do our bit for circular economy.

Environmentally friendly packaging

All our packaging is consciously considered and is either compostable or fully recyclable. Our “Enviro-boxes” offer the protection of traditional double wall boxes but use less materials, a 30% saving in CO2 emissions. 

Carbon footprint

We sequester our carbon by partnering up with more:trees who plant trees for us and our customers for every order made. These trees will sequester CO2 over their lifetime.